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Frequently asked questions about our Inkless Milestone Cards, Silicone Milestone Cards and shipping 

Inkless Milestone Cards

the card will fit both your little ones hand and foot each month and our wipes can be used 3-4 times should you wish to also print on the back of the card

you can view a video here

No. Your print won’t fade.


Yes our inkless milestone cards are completely safe and harmless to your babies skin!
If any irritation occurs, cease using immediately and contact us for a refund. (Proof of reaction is required) Each kit comes with a user manual so please read before use.

Inkless technology was first developed for use with the FBI for fingerprinting, and is also used in some hospitals to capture prints of newborns and keepsakes for bereaved parents

Inkless means there is no physical ink meaning no mess.

Our wipes uses a thermal sensitive dye which reacts with the special formulated cards.
you cannot use our wipes on a plain piece of paper.

Cleaning your babies hand or foot after using the inkless wipe will remove any left over residue. This is important as babies put their hands in their mouth.

Silicone Milestone Cards

Our silicone Milestone Cards are made from 100% food grade silicone

Short answer is no, however our silicone milestone cards have undergone testing and are approved by the FDA and CE for safety.

Developed for babies mouths and hands, our silicone milestone cards are designed to help ease the struggles of taking a milestone photo.
Babies put everything in their mouths and they are super strong so by using 100% food grade silicone you can be sure that what they are putting in their mouth is safe.
And while our silicone milestone cards aren’t teethers, they have undergone the same testing as one.

Gentle on babies gums and won’t tear in the hands of little ones.

In Australia we recognise the safety of both European and American standards. So our silicone milestone cards have CE safety (EN-17) and are FDA approved as well as BPA free

please check your counties customs for their standards in silicone toys or teething toys as they may be rejected at customs

We label our product as silicone milestone cards but some countries may view this as a toy or teether.

Shipping & Delivery

Domestic standard shipping can take up to 5 business days.

International shipping could take up to 20 business days.
Please allow extra time in customs as this is not something we can control.

Shipping is free Australia wide

Shipping is a flat rate of $20 aid to New Zealand

Shipping is a flat rate of $40aud for the rest of the world

Shipping Policy.

Yes, we offer free shipping Australia wide

And free shipping over certain amount

see Shipping info for more details

Yes, we ship our products all over the globe.

Please note that free shipping is not applicable for international orders and that shipping rates could vary depending on your region.

A full list of all of our shipping areas can be found here.

If your country or region is not mentioned, please feel free to reach out to see if we can work out the details.

Returns & Refunds

Yes, we offer full and partial refunds.

You can find out more here

A refund request can be submitted within 14 days after the purchase is received

In the case when the product and packaging are unopened and undamaged, you are eligible for a full refund minus the shipping cost

In the case when a product has been damaged or misused, you are not eligible for a refund.

You are required to pay postage back to us.

When an order does not include free shipping, all shipping costs (including the return shipping) are handled by the customer.

When an order includes free shipping, cost of the return shipping is handled by the customer.