About Me

I have decided to start a blog, and what better way to start my first one by talking about myself (because I don't know what else to talk about really LOL). Read on to find out more about me on a personal level and more about why I started my own business.

Oh and thats my little family below ...

Heyy everyone,

I thought I would start by introducing myself, my name is Vanessa. I just turned 28 years old (4th April) and I have a lovely husband and the most beautiful son, Jordan, who you have probably seen on my socials, he is my model and I guess you could say, the face and reason for Little Lullaby.

I had a successful career in Real Estate for 10 years but after having my son, and being on maternity leave, I decided I wanted to be a stay at home mum and to grow my family as quickly as possible so I quit, fortunately we were able to do this.

But as my little one is just shy of 10 months old, I decided to start my own business, to past the time.

It was something I always wanted to do even before having a child of my own and what better way to start when your own maternity leave oh and in lockdown.

I was tired of buying personalised items that were way to expensive just because they have a name on it. So I said to my husband, I can do this! and.... here we are doing it!

I should add I absolutely love doing this kind of stuff, always have

I am so grateful for the support of my family and friends as I decided to start this journey, and I am so proud of where we have become with only starting a few months ago.

We have so many plans for the future and wanting to expand the brand but I also want to take it slow so I can concentrate on my family and health and keep it as something I enjoy doing, not something that causes me stress and end up hating it.

Little Lullaby - the inspo behind the name.

I’m going to be completely honest here, the name Little Lullaby was not my first or second choice, both the names that I liked were taken so I let it go for a few days to try and clear my mind of all these possibilities.

My husband was the one who actually came up with the name.

Every night we sing lullabies to Jordan to get him to sleep.(mainly twinkle twinkle little star) & to be honest I wasn't sure if I could have a registered business name affiliated with a song title due to copy right laws etc.. so my husband came up with Little Lullaby and I LOVED IT.

and the rest is history as they say....

So thats a little story about me and my business

hope you guys enjoyed reading my first ever BLOG.. arghh and hope you come back for more.